Frequently Asked Questions

I have a location in mind. Can we go there?

Most likely, YES! But it kind of depends on our other plans for your session. Send me a inquiry and let me know what you're thinking and I will do my best to make it happen.

What about photos with my dog, car, BFF or MOM?

Yes, yes and YES! This is YOUR session! If those things are important to YOU, we will include them in your session. Please be sure to mention them prior to your session so we can plan accordingly. This is something we will discuss at a consultation.

AHHH! the forecast says rain, extreme heat or just crazy weather, what do we do?

Let me worry about that. I know how to deal with just about anything Mother nature may throw our way. I never like to reschedule too early because in our area the weather changes minute to minute. If for any reason I feel the weather isn't going to cooperate for your session, I will give you a call at least three hours before your session and discuss option of rescheduling. I have buffer days on my calendar for reschedules. You won't have to wait long if we do need to reschedule.

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